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H60 Prestige

Performance in Style

The H60 implements superior performance with new design principles of simplicity and lightness. Its 10.1" touchscreen improves usability while its 21.5" LED monitor enhances clinical images.

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* This pages are in compliance with CE standards.
Some features, options and transducers mentioned in this pages are NOT available in some countries.

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H60 represents good performance along with fundamental medical equipment design principles of simplicity, lightness and versatility for easy operation in compact spaces. It offers 10.1 inch touch screen, 21.5 inch LED monitor and a slim body as well as cutting-edge hybrid imaging engine and S-Vue transducer technology for high resolution images.
  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine
    Hybrid Beamforming Engine
    With this advanced technology, data is processed more quickly and accurately through optimized processing, thereby enabling more in-depth, detailed scanning with a higher energy output. The technology combines optimal 2-D and color image quality with a fast frame rate.
  • SDMR™
    Clear Vision (SDMR)
    H60 offers practictioners cutting edge technology for rapid and precise diagnostic procedures, resulting in a significantly improved patient experience. This technology delivers enhanced 2D image quality at high resolution with an increase in edge enhancement and a reduction in speckle noise artifact. DMR Plus™ 2.2 combined with Speckle Reduction Imaging and an improved Lateral Resolution benefit your organisation through an increase in accuracy, for confident diagnostic results.
  • S-Flow™
    The H60 will provide your organisation with advanced color flow imaging combined with a sophisticated level of sensitivity with directional information. S-Flow™ equips the Samsung H60 with the ability to perform low speed blood detection for peripheral vessels such as kidney and MCA. The lifelike hemodynamic flow ensures a high sensitivity, powerful Doppler performance. The H60’s S-Flow™ facilitates scanning even in technically difficult diagnostic situation, leading to an increase in accuracy and resulting in an improved service for your patients.
  • Beam Steering
    Beam Steering
    The H60 uses integrated Beam Steering technology for enhanced needle detection performance, resulting in improved accuracy in clinical procedures. Easy needle detection improves accuracy in biopsy procedures based on advanced technologies. This enables fast and accurate diagnosis for an optimised clinical workflow which allows your organisation to provide patients with increased safety during treatment. This leads to enhanced clinician confidence and an improved patient experience.
  • Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™)
    Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™)
    Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™) by Samsung controls ultrasound beams electronically by steering. SCI compounds many scan lines to deliver a significantly improved definition in soft tissue planes, combined with a dramatic reduction in speckle and other noise. The marked improvement in detail, compared with Samsung conventional equipment, ensures rapid diagnosis with higher levels of accuracy even in technically difficult patients. More accurate results lead to an increase in clinician confidence and therefore an enhanced service for patients.
  • QuickScan™
    QuickScan™ has been designed to increase workflow efficiency by automatically optimising key imaging parameters at the touch of a button. The resulting increase in efficiency allows your organisation to offer patients an improved service with faster and more accurate diagnosis. This reliable and safe system helps your clinic or hospital to deliver a superior patient experience.
  • ElastoScan™
    ElastoScan™ detects presence of solid mass in tissues and converts stiffness into color images, verifying presence of lesions.
  • Auto IMT+™
    Auto IMT+™
    AutoIMT+™ allows automatic Intima-Media Thickness measurement of both near and far walls of Common Carotid Artery to analyze patients risks of stroke and heart diseases.
  • Panoramic
    This technology displays extended field-of-view during scanning. It supports angular scanning with linear array transducer.
  • 21.5-inch LED monitor and Touch Screen
    21.5-inch LED monitor and Touch Screen
    The H60 features an 21.5-inch monitor with a wide view angle. This technology provides your organisation with high contrast resolution for clearer and sharper image expression. Supporting the same display panel as the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet PC with outstanding resolution, the touch screen offers flexibility combined with convenience in use. The reduction in power consumption is an added extra that will deliver increased efficiency without compromising on image quality.
  • Digital TGC Preset
    Digital TGC Preset
    Digital TGC Preset allows operators to create and save images easily and quickly for an increased efficiency in workflow. Digital TGC ensures intelligent key allocation and intuitive usability leading to increased clinical confidence for practitioners. The ability to create and save digital presets with a clear image thumbnail brings speed and flexibility to your organisation’s clinical procedures. The touch screen saves time and increases convenience to allow rapid results in the diagnostic process.
  • Customizable Touch Menu
    Customizable Touch Menu
    The customizable touch screen menu with anti-scratch technology and the high level sensitivity of the H60 ensures accuracy for practitioners. The multi-touch screen allows users of the H60 to position and edit the parameters and measurement menus for a more flexible solution in a clinical environment. The edit function increases the monitor’s screen usability, leading to an improvement in workflow which will enable your organisation to offer patients an enhanced clinical experience.
  • Users’ Customizable Keys
    Users’ Customizable Keys
    The H60 features 6 user-programmable keys to increase usability and enhance your organisation's workflow. These are customizable to offer short cuts, saving time when choosing functions. This added enhancement to the system will provide easier and faster diagnostic procedures, resulting in an increase in clinical confidence for practitioners. The H60 will provide your organisation with a flexible and user-friendly solution for diagnostics.

Ergonomic Design

Gel Warmer
2 level adjustable warmer maintains
ultrasound gel at a comfortable
temperature from 30°C to 39°C.
The wheels of
the unit allow free movement
and mobility.
Slim & Lightweight
The slim and compact design
allows the H60 to fit in a
patient’s bed for
Lift Control Panel
This allows articulate
movement and increases user
Encased Printer,
Basket Spa
The built-in printer and basket
place efficiently increases
storage space.