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RS80A Prestige


RS80A is a radiology-designated ultrasound system that provides advanced technologies for accurate diagnosis. With its outstanding features as well as accurate imaging and comfortable ergonomic design, you can be assured RS80A will provide exceptional results when and where you need it.

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* This pages are in compliance with CE standards.
Some features, options and transducers mentioned in this pages are NOT available in some countries.




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    Each and every region display superb image quality. Consisting of the newly developed S-Vision Architecture and S-Vue transducer, RS80A offers state-of-the-art technologies for outstanding images. The way signals are generated and received, as well as transducers and imaging processing methods, all play a role in obtaining the outstanding image quality.
  • S-Detect™ for Breast
    S-Detect™ for Breast
    This intelligent technology uses the standardized Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) score for analysis and classification of targeted regions. S-Detect™ results in more effective diagnosis by reducing unnecessary biopsies and saving time through simplified procedures. The user simply touches a seed point on the touch screen and the S-Detect™ automatically sets the lesion’s boundary, providing multiple images. BI-RADS score is automatically displayed.

    *Above feature may not be available for use in some countries
  • ElastoScan™ for Breast
    ElastoScan™ for Breast
    Using a streamlined work process, E-Breast™ technology calculates the strain ratio for the lesion. This simplified process of just selecting on 1 ROI enhances usability and improves examination efficiency.

    *Above feature may not be available for use in some countries
  • ElastoScan™ for Thyroid
    ElastoScan™ for Thyroid
    The E-Thyroid technology provides a more objective diagnosis by using an elastography index to determine the strain ratio of nodules. ElastoScan™ images are acquired by using the pulsation of carotid artery.

    *Above feature may not be available for use in some countries
  • Clear Track
    Clear Track
    ClearTrack enables accurate injections or biopsies when performing complex medical procedures. The provided sensor draws a simulated path of the needle, leading to high user confidence & accuracy.
  • Advanced QuickScan™
    Advanced QuickScan™
    Advanced QuickScan™ technology maximizes workflow and efficiency, therefore enables users to remain focused on the patient. With a simple touch of a button important imaging parameters are automatically adjusted, such as color gain, location of the color box and angle correct. This feature improves workflow and increases efficiency.
  • Low-MI (Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound)
    Low-MI (Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound)
    Low-MI is a technology that uses contrast agents when performing ultrasound scans. This technology processes reflected signals from contrast agents, which are stimulated by particular ultrasound pulses, and produces a unique sonogram with increased contrast. Exams are easier to perform by providing dual-live views.
  • Realistic Vue™
    Realistic Vue™
    Realistic Vue™ is a 3D/4D technology that displays detailed volume rendering, which enables users to easily identify subtle anatomical features. Anatomies look realistic when viewed in color with shading that provides additional depth perception, helping users better define the complex structures of anatomies which is almost impossible in 2D.
  • Design
    RS80A has been developed with your scanning needs in mind. This intuitive product provides features and functions for your convenience, as well as improving your work efficiency and effectiveness.