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Explore the new dimension
that you have never seen before

WS80A with Elite is designed to create a new possibility for ultrasound diagnosis adopting new dimension that you have never seen before.
The finest image quality, advanced 5D diagnostic solution and innovative rendering tecnonology help you make decision with confidence and lead you to new paradigm of womens's health.

* This pages are in compliance with CE standards.
Some features, options and transducers mentioned in this pages are NOT available in some countries.

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Consistent image quality from advanced imaging technologies

Hybrid imaging engine evo
Hybrid imaging engine evo
Hybrid imaging engine evo combines optimal 2D and color image quality with a fast frame rate to capacitate powerful data processing and noise
reduction capabilities.
This new harmonic technology makes a clearer image - near
to far. Reducing signal noise, S-Harmonic provides more
uniform ultrasound images.
Virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise, providing excellent
contrast resolution with enhanced edge definition for
unsurpassed image clarity.

Consistent image quality from advanced transducers

S-Vue Transducer
S-Vue Transducer
S-Vue transducer(CV1-8A, CA1-7A, CA3-10A, CA2-9A) covers broad bandwidth providing high sensitivity allowing easy visualization of difficult cases.
Wide angle endocavity transducer
Wide angle endocavity transducer
The new wide angle endocavity transducer offers the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases in gynecology examinations. It is especially useful for
viewing the left-right symmetric model of fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Standardized women’s health diagnosis with simple operation

Standardized women’s health diagnosis with simple operation
The 5D total solutions of WS80A with Elite are dedicated to supporting accurate diagnosis with simple operation.
Through the solutions, you could reduce operator dependency and improve patient throughput.
Standardized women’s health diagnosis with simple operation
5D Heart Color (Fetal heart examination)
5D Heart Color (Fetal heart examination)
5D Heart Color allows interrogation of a STIC (spatiotemporal image correlation) volume dataset generating nine standard fetal echocardiography views
with blood flow dynamics simultaneously in a single template.

5D Limb Vol. & 5D CNS+ (Fetal brain measurement)

5D Limb Vol.
5D Limb Vol. allows an accurate estimation of fetal weight, nutrition
status based on the volume data of fetal limbs, in addition to reducing
exam time with only 3 seed points setting.
5D CNS+ (Fetal brain measurement)
5D CNS+ provides axial, sagittal and coronal views with nine planes
following the international guideline(ISUOG) of fetal brain.
5D NT (Nuchal translucency measurement)
5D NT (Nuchal translucency measurement)
Operator dependency is reduced for the first trimester fetal nuchal
translucency measurements with NT measurement solutions.
5D NT applies Realistic Vue™ to detected mid-sagittal view for intuitive
5D Follicle (Follicle measurement)
5D Follicle (Follicle measurement)
5D Follicle finds follicles and measures the size and the status of each
follicle to provide useful information.

Innovative fetal diagnosis with advanced rendering technology

Realistic Vue™
Realistic Vue™
Realistic Vue™ displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail
and realistic depth perception.
Crystal Vue
Crystal Vue
Crystal Vue helps you detect fetal morphological abnormalities with intuitive
visualization of internal, external structures.
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Versatility for extensive diagnostic needs

E-Breast™ (ElastoScan™ for Breast)
E-Breast™ (ElastoScan™ for Breast)
E-Breast technology calculates the strain ratio between the selected target and surrounding tissues. E-Breast™ requires only one ROI to be selected by
the user.
E-Thyroid™ (ElastoScan™ for Thyroid)
E-Thyroid™ (ElastoScan™ for Thyroid)
E-Thyroid™ uses the pulsations of the adjacent common carotid artery (CCA), eliminating the need for manual transducer compression and offering
greater consistency in the ElastoScan™ image. E-Thyroid™ provides an elasticity contrast index that is calculated by comparing the elasticity of the
lesion and normal tissue within the ROI.
By simply clicking a suspicious lesion,
S-Detect™ draws the lesion borders, suggests the
characteristics of the lesion and gives a hint whether
the lesion is benign or malignant. S-Detect™ uses the Breast
Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS®) scores
for standardized reporting and classification of lesions.
ElastoScan for Gynecology
ElastoScan™ helps to diagnose benign gynecological
disorders and to differentiate fibroids and adenomyosis.
ElastoScan for Gynecology

Intelligent image sharing

Hello Mom & 5D Cine

Hello Mom
Hello Mom is a smartphone application for pregnant mothers that
directly allows wireless downloads of fetal ultrasound images and
movies from WS80A with Elite.
5D Cine
WS80A with Elite provides 3D stereo images through Samsung 3D Smart
TV. Mothers can enjoy these realistic images at home.

Stress-free performance

Adjustable Control Panel, Transducer Cable Hangers, Default Gel Warmer, Additional EV Transducer Holder