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sonovet r5

Practical, Efficient, Compact system for Veterinary Diagnosis

The SonoVet R5 is designed to provide you not only with the lastest in diagnostic functions, but also the greatest possible user convenience for small animals.

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Some features, options and transducers mentioned in this pages are NOT available in some countries.

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The compact and practical SonoVet R5 delivers state-of-the-art technology to veterinarians when examining small animals. It offers increased clinical efficiency through its combination of a simple and convenient user-interface and highly innovative technology. Functions such as Full Spectrum Imaging™, Speckle Reduction Filter™ and Synthetic Aperture Control™ extend diagnostic boundaries to provide a more comprehensive picture of areas under examination. Utilising outstanding Samsung 3D Colour technology, images are easily viewed on a 15-inch LCD monitor. The ergonomic and user-friendly design details combine with the Samsung proprietary QuickScan™ tool and customisable menu functions to streamline workflow and optimise productivity.
  • Slim and Compact Design
    Slim and Compact Design
    The highly practical SonoVet R5 incorporates a wide range of ergonomic features into a simple and compact package. Weighing in at a total of just 52kg, with four swivel wheels and front and back handles for easy mobility, it offers portability and convenience without sacrificing performance. The simple user interface, height-adjustable control panel and backlit keyboard combine to create a tool which enables practitioners to increase efficiency and patient throughput. By utilising outstanding 3D color technology, its 15-inch LCD monitor displays clear, easily-viewable images up to 640 x 450 pixels to aid increased diagnostic accuracy.
  • The Latest In Harmonic Imaging
    The Latest In Harmonic Imaging
    Harmonic Imaging is a common feature of ultrasound technology, but our innovations have taken its potential one step further. The basic theory of this technique is that it records higher frequency information, resulting in greater resolution and fewer artifacts than ever before.
  • Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™)
    Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™)
    Speckle noise is a granular noise that increases the mean grey level of a local area. Reduction of this is vital for accurate image interpretation. Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™) improves image quality by minimising or eliminating the unnecessary echoes from ultrasound images. Flexibility is enhanced by the ability of the user to select the degree to which the decrease is implemented, enabling greater control of the process.
  • Streamlined Workflow through Shortcut Keys and Measurement Unit
    Streamlined Workflow through Shortcut Keys and Measurement Unit
    The SonoVet R5 includes a number of keyboard and menu functions to accelerate and simplify operations. The Shortcut Key enables commonly-used obstetrics measurement items to be assigned, while the Autotext Setup function allows fast and easy data input. Several additional details have been carefully considered to contribute to streamlined workflow and increased productivity. These include the ability to display thumbnails of saved images on a side panel, a hibernation option to decrease booting speed, and a Body Marker function to aid rapid reference.
  • QuickScan™
    QuickScan™ has been designed to maximise workflow efficiency by automatically optimising key imaging parameters at the touch of a button. The resulting increase in efficiency allows your organisation to offer patients an improved service with faster and more accurate diagnoses. This reliable and safe system helps your clinic or hospital to deliver a superior patient experience.
  • Body Marker Function For Veterinary Practices
    Body Marker Function For Veterinary Practices
    Veterinary professionals can place a Body Marker over an image to indicate the specific part of the animal that is being examined. This function can be useful when the diagnosis area is either differentiated or displayed, and add value to the overall accuracy of the scan being produced. Body Markers can be selected and controlled via an easily accessible series of settings, giving users greater flexibility.