Business Guideline

  1. We would like to extend our very warmest appreciation for your support and cooperation with Samsung Medison.
  2. Samsung Medison has been pushing for upholding ethical business practices and culture in an effort to promote mutual growth and prosperity with its business partners. In order to lead the effort, we would like to share our Business Guideline and ask you to join our endeavor to maintain such ethical business practices.
  3. Samsung Medison and its members shall not engage in any unethical business activities with business entities with which Samsung Medison does or may do bu siness
  4. Business Entity : includes any suppliers, customers, vendors, consultants, subcontractors or Business Entities with which the Company does or may do business
1. Any act of receiving money, gifts or items easily convertible into cash from any Business Entity
  1. ① Money : cash, checks, cash gifts for special ceremonies (such as weddings or funerals, etc.)
  2. ② Items easily convertible into cash : retail gift cards/vouchers, travel vouchers (including airline tickets), membership cards, hotel vouchers, amusement park tickets, concert / event tickets, etc.
  3. ③ Gifts : cars, jewelry, holiday gifts, etc.
  4. ※ Other acts of obtaining improper financial gains include
    1. - acquiring stocks or bonds for free or at prices considerably below their fair market value
    2. - acquiring a Business Entity's assets or products, such as its vehicles, for free or at a price considerably below their fair market value
2. Any act of receiving entertainment of significant value from a Business Entity
  1. ① Expensive meals : being treated to expensive meals at upscale restaurants including restaurants at hotels
  2. ② Expensive drinks : being treated to expensive drinks at bars or clubs
3. Any act of personally borrowing money from or lending money to a Business Entity
4. Any act of causing monetary or property damage or making improper demands to a Business Entity
  1. ① Monetary·property damage : act of improperly passing along costs that should be borne by the Company or its employees to a Business. Entity including request for free supply of goods, uncompensated use of a Business Entity's vehicles, etc.
  2. ② Making improper demands : acts of improperly pressuring a Business Entity to use your own or your friend's property or hire a family member, a relative or an acquaintance, etc.
5. Any act of misusing one's authority to give special favors to a certain Business Entity
  1. ① Special favors : Purchasing the products or services of a Business Entity at a significantly above the market price or selling them at a significantly below the market price, im-properly disclosing tender information, manipulating quotations, fixing the submit price among bidders, registering unqualified Business Entities or improperly distributing contracts in favor of a particular Business Entity
6. Any act of acquiring equity interest in a non-listed Business Entity with which the Company does or may do business
7. Any act of disclosing Company's tangible or intangible proprietary information or information obtained during the performance of one's duties as an employee of the Company without authority
  1. ① Tangible or intangible proprietary information : trade secrets, bidding information, technological development information, software, customer and employee-related information, etc.
8. Any act that causes leakage of manpower from the Company by contributing directly or indirectly to a competitor's hiring of an employee of the Company
  1. ※ Including provision of the Company's human resources and organization-related information to a competitor or a headhunter
9. Any act that threatens to undermine the integrity and sustainability of the corporate culture, corporate values and image of the Company
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