Samsung Medison,
professional manufacturer
of ultrasound diagnostic devices,
adds value of health and happiness to human life.



Samsung Medison,
value of health
and happiness
to human life

Established in 1985, Samsung Medison is the largest manufacturer of ultrasound diagnostic systems in Korea and handles domestic sales and service of Samsung Electronics' digital X-ray systems
and portable CTs.

Samsung Medison has integrated information technology, video signal processing, semiconductor, and communication technologies in various medical fields such as radiology, obstetrics, and orthopedics to develop supplementary diagnostic AI tools and introduced ultrasound systems for quick and accurate diagnosis.
In addition, we are collaborating with multiple global companies to develop workflows and advanced diagnostic technologies to enhance user convenience for medical staff.

Samsung Medison is incorporating advanced technologies and design capabilities it has accumulated over the years into medical devices it manufactures. In order to create a better medical diagnostic environment, we are strengthening academic research activities with world-renowned professors to improve "access" and "accuracy" of diagnosis that can be easily and quickly accessible not only in hospitals, but also emergency sites and blind spots in the healthcare system. In addition, we take intuitive approaches in our design method to continue our innovation to provide new experiences beyond existing limits in three areas of "Efficiency" for better user convenience for hospital and its medical staff.

With solid trust from our customers, Samsung Medison will continue to grow together through steady research & development and investment in the stagnant ultrasound system market.


A fresh leap
with new values


  • 2023

    • Midrange & universal ultrasound diagnostic system V6 released
    • EV2-12, wide bandwidth ultrasound transducer for obstetrics/gynecology, released
    • Fetal growth diagnosis AI technology BiometryAssist™, and ViewAssist™ released
    • Sponsored training to Ethiopian healthcare professionals hosted by FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation)
    • Extension of innovative medical device manufacturers certification awarded by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • 2022

    • HERA W10 Elite, premium ultrasonic diagnostic system for obstetrics/gynecology, introduced
    • Advanced & universal ultrasound diagnostic system V7 released
    • V7 eco-friendly packaging selected as 'The Green Product of the Year'
    • Fatty liver ultrasound diagnosis technology, Tissue Attenuation Imaging (TAI), recognized as 'new medical technology'
    • miniER7, probe for prostate ultrasound diagnosis, released
    • Energy Management System (ISO 50001) certified
    • Commendation from the Council of Hongcheon-gun for community contribution services awarded
  • 2021

    • Portable ultrasound diagnostic system HM70 EVO released
    • Premium & universal ultrasound diagnostic system V8 released
    • HS40 NerveTrack™, real-time neural tracking AI technology, FDA 510(k) approved for the first time
    • V8 Uterine Assist™, women's uterine measurement AI technology, FDA 510(k) approved
    • HERA W10, AI technology for automatic measurement of fetal ultrasound, FDA 510(k) approved
  • 2020

    • HeartAssist™, diagnosis assistance function for congenital heart disease, approved as AI medical device
    • Premium ultrasound diagnostic system RS85 Prestige for Radiology released
    • Announced as one of the innovative medical device manufacturers by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare
    • Obtained Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certification for the first time in the industry


  • 2019

    • HERA W9, premium ultrasonic diagnostic system for obstetrics/gynecology, introduced
    • HERA I10 won the "Best of the Best" of EDA
      (Ergonomic Design Award)
    • HERA I10, all-in-one chair type premium ultrasonic diagnostic system for obstetrics/gynecology, released
  • 2018

    • WS80A won the Jang Young Sil Award
    • Entry model ultrasound diagnostic system HM30 released
    • HERA W10 won the Silver Award at IDEA Design Award
      (International Design Excellence Awards)
    • HERA W10, premium ultrasonic diagnostic system for obstetrics/gynecology, introduced
  • 2017

    • HS40 won the 'Good Design Award'
    • HS60, HS50, and HS40 won the IF and IDEA design award.
      (International Forum Design/International Design Excellence Awards)
    • Entry model ultrasound diagnostic system HS40 released
    • Premium ultrasound diagnostic system RS85 for Radiology released
  • 2016

    • Advanced & universal ultrasound diagnostic system HS60 and HS50 released
  • 2015

    • Advanced ultrasound diagnostic system HS70A released
  • 2014

    • Premium ultrasound diagnostic system RS80A for Radiology released
  • 2013

    • HM70A won IF design award (International Forum Design Award)
    • HERA WS80A, premium ultrasonic diagnostic system for obstetrics/gynecology, introduced
  • 2012

    • Merged Prosonic Co., Ltd.
  • 2011

    • Joined affiliated company of Samsung Electronics


  • 2009

    • MySono U5 won the Best Award of GD (Good Design).
  • 2008

    • Accuvix V20 won the Excellence Award the of GD (Good Design).
    • Winner of the Grand Prize at the Korea Service Awards for three consecutive years
  • 2007

    • Won the Competitive Strategy Leadership Award of Frost & Sullivan (global market survey organization)
  • 2006

    • Winner of the Grand Prize at the Korea Service Awards
  • 2003

    • Advanced ultrasound diagnostic system Accuvix released
  • 2001

    • Won the Product Differentiation Innovation Award of Frost & Sullivan (global market survey organization)
  • 1998

    • Live 3D ultrasound diagnostic system developed
  • 1996

    • Digital ultrasound diagnostic system SA6000 released
  • 1995

    • Color ultrasound diagnostic system Trident developed
  • 1987

    • First export to Türkiye
  • 1985

    • Medison Co., Ltd. established


Business philosophy and goals

With a focus on human resources and technology, we strive to create the best products and services for people
to serve and contribute to the society: this is the ultimate goal Samsung Medison aspires to achieve.

  • 01 Human resources and technology
    • To foster human resources and develop and maintain high technology is our business principle.
    • We enhance a synergy effect throughout the business system by encouraging the harmony of human resources and technology.
  • 02 The best products and services
    • We create products and services that would give the best satisfaction to our customers.
    • We always position as the world's first team in the industry.
  • 03 Contribution to human society
    • We contribute to the common benefit of mankind and their prosperous lives.
    • We fulfill our missions as members of the human society.


Core values

Our core values are the essence of Samsung Medison's business philosophy and are deeply embodied in Samsung Medison people's minds and actions, and are the values and faiths that Samsung has cherished the most.

  • Human resources first

    With the belief, "People are the company itself", we cherish our people and pave
    the way for them to show their abilities to their fullest.

  • Aim for the best

    We endeavor our utmost to be the best in the world in every aspect with
    relentless passion and unwinding spirit.

  • Lead the change

    We lead change and innovation promptly and proactively with a sense of crisis
    that no change means no survival.

  • Business in righteousness

    We retain honor and dignity with upright mind and sincerity and always follow a righteous way.


Samsung Medison's Five Business Principles

Our business principles are promises that Samsung Medison will honor
as a global enterprise to fulfill its social responsibilities.

  • 01 We abide by the law and ethical standards.
  • 02 We maintain a culture of integrity in our organization.
  • 03 We respect our customers, shareholders, and employees.
  • 04 We value the natural environment, safety, and health.
  • 05 We fulfill our social responsibilities as global citizens of business.

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