Healthcare for
the Green Planet

Samsung Medison will strive and endeavor
Green Management as the top priority

Our promise to expand & promote
Eco-friendly and renewable resource production increase

Eco Package

Eco Package is reusable packaging composed
of eco-friendly recycled paper.
It is Samsung’s commitment to
achieving carbon-neutral of the
earth and environment

Environmental Management Award Honors

  • KOREA STAR AWARDS 2022 KAPPE Prize (June, 2022)
    • Ultrasound Product V7
  • 2022 The Green Product of the year (August, 2022)
    • Ultrasound Product V7

Green Packaging Material Application Expansion

Replace Styrofoam packaging & cushioning material
with papers.

Resource Recycling and Recovery Expansion

  • Reduce plastic use by promoting recyclable resin use
  • Encourage repaired defective product use for rental, refurbishment, etc.
  • Recover & Recycle reused battery Scope expansion
    (energy storage devices)

Will strive to develop energy-efficient products
to reduce greenhouse gas emission

Power Consumption
& Resource Reduction

Promote design optimization
with reduced parts & product energy use

Energy High-efficiency
Product Developement

Expand development of low power
consumption product
with high-efficiency power technology

We promise to continue
Carbon Neutrality workplace environment improvements

Minimize Coal

Promote Coal-fuel to Pollution-free energy use conversion

Efficient Power
Usage Management

Promote the replacement of low to high-energy efficient equipment.

Renewable Energy
Use Expansion

Promote green environmental workplace establishment
(i.e. solar energy use expansion)

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